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In which the Author publishes an ebook on poltergeists…


At long last What is a Poltergeist? Understanding Poltergeist Activity has materialised, if indeed an ebook can be said to have a material presence. To quote from the official blurb:

A new ebook introduction to poltergeists examining the theories and presenting the latest research evidence for poltergeist activity. This book explores possible answers to the question ‘what is a poltergeist’?

What is a poltergeist? Are they the restless souls of the dead? Demons? Witches’ familiars? Household spirits? Mysterious earth energies? Unknown powers of the mind? Or hoaxes? This ebook takes the well-known poltergeist phenomena – the movement of objects by invisible forces, the noises, the eruptions of fire, water and electrical disturbance – and maps them against changing ideas and beliefs. The author presents the latest theories and research evidence in his search for answers.


Here’s the chapter headings:

What is a Poltergeist


Chapter 1                  Poltergeists are… Demons

Chapter 2                  Poltergeists are… Witchcraft

Chapter 3                  Poltergeists are… Ghosts

Chapter 4                  Poltergeists are… Fairies

Chapter 5                  Poltergeists are… Vampires

Chapter 6                  Poltergeists are… Powers  of the Human Mind

Chapter 7                  Poltergeists are… Thoughtforms

Chapter 8                  Poltergeists are… Hoaxes

Chapter 9                  Poltergeists are… Forces of Nature

Chapter 10                A Conclusion of Sorts


The cases are principally drawn from the USA, Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia and Japan, with others taken from Africa, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, South America and Iraq. Yes, the poltergeist is a citizen of the world.

The prolix author waxes enthusiastic on the topic of poltergeists on this very website here and also on something called YouTube.

What is a Poltergeist? Understanding Poltergeist Activity is published by David & Charles/FW Media International and is available on Amazon(UK) and Amazon(US) for Kindle, Kobo, Feedbooks, Lybrary.com, and other cyberspace vendors, and shouldn’t set you back more than five dollars.




In which the author succeeds in the realm of romantic fiction (and chocolate)…


Choc Lit, publishers of romantic fiction, have just announced the short list for their chocolate-themed 2012 Short Story Competition. And, nestling among the ten candidates on the list, is a story by yours truly. If you are of the opinion that romantic fiction is a bit of a stretch from what I usually write, then I invite you to consider the title of the piece, and what it implies for the content. It’s called Blood and Chocolate…


The full short-list can be found here.


In which the Author is interviewed by Scotcampus Magazine…



The February issue of the free student magazine Scotcampus features a Q & A style interview with the humble author, entitled ‘Spooky Scotland’. I ramble on about loch monsters, vampires, Jacobites and the supernatural, ghosts, and other examples of Scottish paranormalism, with particular reference to Dundee, Glasgow and Iona.


Free copies can be picked up from this week (15th February) at student-frequented bars, cafés, record shops and arts venues. The online link is here:



In which the author enjoys some vampires…


There’s a new feature on the website – My Top Ten. I’ll be regularly adding ‘Top Ten’ lists from the world of the supernatural, the mysterious and the macabre.


The first My Top Ten is ‘My Top Ten Vampires’. And no, RPat and the poutsters from The Vampire Diaries do not make the list…

**CANCELLED** – ‘Paranormal Glasgow’ Talk and Signing

Wednesday 19th October 2011


7.00pm, The Ladywell, 
268-270 High Street,
 Merchant City,
 G4 0QT. Tickets £7 – limited numbers available, so please call 0141 552 7810 in advance to reserve your ticket.

In this intimate setting (see www.theladywell.com) I will be giving an extensive talk on the topics covered in Paranormal Glasgow:




    • Witchcraft in Glasgow, including the Witches of Pollok, and the Possessed Children of Bargarran and Govan
    • Miraculous Fasts, Emissaries from Hell and Murderous Doppelgangers
    • Spontaneous cases of Precognition, Crisis Visitations and Clairvoyance
    • Big Cats and Anomalous Racoons
    • Hunting The Vampire With Iron Teeth


Following the talk there will be time for questions. Copies of all of my books will be available for sale and signing.

In which the author is nominated for two awards…

Well I’m pleased to learn that two of my books have been nominated for prestigious awards. Scottish Bodysnatchers: A Gazetteer is up for the Katherine Briggs Folklore Award, awarded by the Folklore Society. And The Jacobites and the Supernatural has been nominated for both the Katherine Briggs Folklore Award and the Saltire Society Scottish Book of the Year Award.


The winners of both awards are announced in November.