Screenplays Available – Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Here are some of the genre screenplays I have available – features and TV pilots. If you are an industry professional and would like to request a pdf of one of the scripts, please get in touch via the contact form.

Found footage / zombie horrorLowAvailable

Female lead
A grouchy bodycam-equipped cop, accompanied by the criminal she's just arrested, must fight her way through a zombie apocalypse to save her estranged 5-year-old daughter.
Zombie horrorMediumAvailable

Female lead
When a motley team of soldiers are besieged by the resurrected terrorists they killed in the Middle East, their only hope is their weakest member - a witch who does not have faith in her own powers.
Horror WesternMediumAvailable

Stage 32 Search For New Blood Semi-finalist 2015
A supernatural HIGH NOON - a centuries-old gunfighter must duel with the Devil for his soul - and the life of the woman he loves.
Sci-fi ThrillerMediumAvailable

Female lead
When a clumsy nobody starts channelling the secret agent skills of her murdered twin sister, she must use her new, unreliable skillset to evade a deadly pursuit by rival teams of spies and assassins.
Epic Sci-FiHighAvailable

Female lead

4th PLACE, We Screenplay International Competition 2016
When aliens invade, a failing, malcontent soldier is chosen to lead Earth's defence - and ride the planet's guardian, a great Dragon.
BODY AND SOULSupernatural contained horrorLowAvailableWhen a supermodel realises her success is fuelled by the suffering and death of her loved ones, she tries to quit - and discovers she has signed a contract with the Devil.
Comedy horrorLowOptioned

Winner, Visceral Films International Horror Screenplay Competition (2016)
A newly-created zombie wants to return to life so he can woo the woman he loves - but first he has to deal with a vicious biker gang who want to take over the horror theme park where he works.
Supernatural contained horror LowAvailableIn a remote prison run by a totalitarian regime, a dedicated torturer starts to believe his mysterious single prisoner is the Devil himself.
Horror - TV PilotMediumAvailableIn a contemporary London where benevolent vampires are in all walks of life, a vampire cop puts his human family at risk to track down the vampire serial killer once known as Jack the Ripper.