Screenplays Available – Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Fantasy, Comedy, Action

Here are some of the screenplays I have available – features and TV pilots. Others will be added soon – including a family feature and another sci-fi action feature. If you are an industry professional and would like to request a pdf of one of the scripts, please get in touch via the contact form. Click on the images to see the full-res poster.

  1. Title: DELAY   Genre: Contained Horror Budget: Low Format: Feature Lead: Female Notes: NOT AVAILABLE – OPTIONED.  Logline: In a strange underground space where all sound is distorted, a music student who can ‘see’ soundwaves must save her girlfriend from an invisible entity.
  2. Title: BODY AND SOUL  Genre: Horror  Budget: Low  Format: Feature   Lead: Female  Notes: NOT AVAILABLE – OPTIONED

Logline: When a supermodel realises her success is fuelled by the suffering and death of her loved ones, she tries to quit – and discovers she signed a contract with the Devil.

3. Title: THE DEVIL’S ANSWER  Genre: Contained Horror  Budget: Low  Format: Feature    Lead: Male   Notes: AVAILABLE 

Logline: Deep in a remote bunker, a dedicated torturer starts to believe that his single mysterious prisoner is the Devil himself.4. Title: CRAWLERS   Genre: Zombie Horror  Budget: Low   Format: Feature   Lead: Female Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: A misanthropic cop battles an outbreak of crawling zombies to save her estranged daughter.

5. Title: DELETE   Genre: Thriller  Budget: Low to Medium Format: Feature Lead: Male Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: An internet fraudster creates an app to run his criminal activities – and the app sets out to kill him. Notes: NOT AVAILABLE – OPTIONED

6. Title: FOOD CHAIN   Genre: Horror Budget: Low Format: Feature Lead: Female                Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: In a post-Brexit UK, a young immigrant is hunted by aristocratic cannibals – who soon learn that their prey is a vampire. 

7. Title: PLUGGED   Genre: Comedy-Horror  Budget: Low   Format: Feature   Lead: Female Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: The Devil is using sex toys to possess people – and only a small-town dominatrix can stop him. 

8. Title: ZOMBIE PATROL  Genre: Comedy-Horror  Budget: Low   Format: Feature   Lead: Male  Notes: Competition-winner. Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: A newly-created zombie wants to return to life to woo the woman he loves – but first his has to deal with the biker gang trying to kill him for the second time.  

9. Title: GUYS NIGHT   Genre: Raunchy Comedy  Budget: Low to Medium  Format: Feature   Lead: Male and Female   Notes: Co-written with Adam Fortner. AVAILABLE Finalist in the National Lampoon / Stage 32 Search for New Comedy Gold Screenplay Competition. 

Logline: Three idiots try to drown their sorrows in a strip bar, but get mistaken for thieves by the psycho owner – and now they have to try and stay alive during a night of chaos and craziness.

10. Title: PALEFACES   Genre: Horror  Budget: Medium   Format: TV Pilot   Lead: Male Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: In a world where benevolent vampires are fully integrated into modern life, a vampire cop puts his human family at risk when he tracks down the undead serial killer Jack the Ripper. 

11. Title: PATCHWORK SOLDIERS   Genre: Action-Horror  Budget: Medium    Format: Feature Lead: Female Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: A motley group of ex-soldiers are besieged by the resurrected terrorists they killed in the Middle East, and their only hope is a witch who doesn’t believe in her own powers. 

12. Title: A SIX-GUN FOR THE DEVIL  Genre: Horror Western  Budget: Medium   Format: Feature   Lead: Male Notes: NOT AVAILABLE – OPTIONED

Logline: An immortal gunfighter must duel with the Devil – at stake, not only his soul but the life of the only woman he as loved in centuries.

13. Title: KILLER SKILLSET   Genre: Thriller/Action  Budget: Medium   Format: Feature  Lead: Female Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: Out of the blue, a clumsy waitress temporarily acquires the skillset of a secret agent. Now she must evade government forces and sadistic assassins to discover the truth behind the murder of her twin sister – who really was a spy.

14. Title: THE DRAGON RIDER     Genre: Epic Sci-fi   Budget: High   Format: Feature  Lead: Female Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: When the aliens invade, the saviour of Earth turns out to be a failing soldier with an inexplicable psychic link to the guardian of the planet – a great Dragon.

15. Title: NIGHT BUS     Genre: Horror   Budget: Low   Format: Feature

Lead: Female Notes: AVAILABLE

Logline: When a young woman fleeing her old life takes a long-distance night bus, she does not suspect that also on board are two vicious criminals – and a pitiless supernatural entity.