Geoff Holder, Author

• 36 non-fiction books published by The History Press, Amberley, David & CharlesWaverley and The New Curiosity Shop.

• Specialising in:

The Paranormal                             Mysteries

Folklore                                            Urban Legends

Bodysnatching                                Historical Witchcraft

Historical Murder                           Weird and Bloody History

Scotland                                           British History

Zombies                                           Jokes about Zombies

• Winner of the University of Chichester / Thresholds competition for an essay on H.P. Lovecraft.

• Contributor to Fortean Times, Paranormal Magazine, Marine Quarterly, Scottish Murders and ‘The Local (France)’ website.

• Numerous radio, TV and podcast interviews.

• Extensive public speaking experience.

The following image is taken from “Zombies From History”. We’re not sure which one is the fully accurate representation of the Author.

Here's the original

The Author on a good day


The Author on a bad day