Here you can find some ancient audio files, including a sample episode of Geoff’s podcast The Fortean Freak Out, along with an interview from the US radio show “Behind the Paranormal”.

The full series of the Fortean Freak Out podcasts can be found here.  Listen for free.

Episode 1 – The Vampire with Iron Teeth

Episode 2 – Sawney Bean, Christie Cleek and Other Scottish Cannibals

Episode 3 – The Exorcism of Loch Ness

Episode 4 –  A Perthshire Halloween

Episode 5 –  The Hunt for a Victorian Loch Monster

Episode 6 – The Vampire of Croglin Grange

“The Fortean Freak-Out with Geoff Holder – sample episode”

Episode 5 –  The Hunt for a Victorian Loch Monster: This time round, Geoff discusses the story of the hunt for a loch monster in Scotland in the Victorian age. And it’s NOT Loch Ness.



Interviews and other audio

Sample – Behind the Paranormal Interview: A lengthy interview with Paul and Ben Eno of Behind the Paranormal. They quiz Geoff on the ins and outs of Fortean Scotland and the British Isles.

Many other interviews from radio shows and events can be found here.