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In which the Author is interviewed by Scotcampus Magazine…



The February issue of the free student magazine Scotcampus features a Q & A style interview with the humble author, entitled ‘Spooky Scotland’. I ramble on about loch monsters, vampires, Jacobites and the supernatural, ghosts, and other examples of Scottish paranormalism, with particular reference to Dundee, Glasgow and Iona.


Free copies can be picked up from this week (15th February) at student-frequented bars, cafés, record shops and arts venues. The online link is here:



In which the author is featured in Scottish Memories magazine…


The January 2012 edition of Scottish Memories magazine has a two-page spread on The Little Book of Glasgow, with a number of extracts from the miscellany covering pubs, transport, sport and urban myths. Scottish Memories is, in the publication’s own words, “Scotland’s premier history/nostalgia monthly”.


More Little Book of Glasgow news to follow very shortly, including a column in a well-known evening newspaper (which is why a nice man loaded with seriously professional cameras spent 30 minutes contorting me into various poses today…).