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In which the Author publishes an ebook on poltergeists…


At long last What is a Poltergeist? Understanding Poltergeist Activity has materialised, if indeed an ebook can be said to have a material presence. To quote from the official blurb:

A new ebook introduction to poltergeists examining the theories and presenting the latest research evidence for poltergeist activity. This book explores possible answers to the question ‘what is a poltergeist’?

What is a poltergeist? Are they the restless souls of the dead? Demons? Witches’ familiars? Household spirits? Mysterious earth energies? Unknown powers of the mind? Or hoaxes? This ebook takes the well-known poltergeist phenomena – the movement of objects by invisible forces, the noises, the eruptions of fire, water and electrical disturbance – and maps them against changing ideas and beliefs. The author presents the latest theories and research evidence in his search for answers.


Here’s the chapter headings:

What is a Poltergeist


Chapter 1                  Poltergeists are… Demons

Chapter 2                  Poltergeists are… Witchcraft

Chapter 3                  Poltergeists are… Ghosts

Chapter 4                  Poltergeists are… Fairies

Chapter 5                  Poltergeists are… Vampires

Chapter 6                  Poltergeists are… Powers  of the Human Mind

Chapter 7                  Poltergeists are… Thoughtforms

Chapter 8                  Poltergeists are… Hoaxes

Chapter 9                  Poltergeists are… Forces of Nature

Chapter 10                A Conclusion of Sorts


The cases are principally drawn from the USA, Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia and Japan, with others taken from Africa, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, South America and Iraq. Yes, the poltergeist is a citizen of the world.

The prolix author waxes enthusiastic on the topic of poltergeists on this very website here and also on something called YouTube.

What is a Poltergeist? Understanding Poltergeist Activity is published by David & Charles/FW Media International and is available on Amazon(UK) and Amazon(US) for Kindle, Kobo, Feedbooks, Lybrary.com, and other cyberspace vendors, and shouldn’t set you back more than five dollars.




In which the author gives a talk on Mysterious Perthshire in Alyth…


On Tuesday 28 February I’ll be giving a talk on ‘Mysterious East Perthshire’, courtesy of the Alyth Literary and Philosophical Society. I’ll be discussing Big Cats, fairies, UFOs, and the bizarre local legends of Guinevere and King Arthur. And there’ll be books for sale as usual.

The event kicks off at 7.30pm and is open to everyone (£2 on the door). Ogilvie Rooms, Commercial Street, Alyth, PH11 8AF (next to Alyth Museum).


In which the author visits a village of fairy houses….

As part of the research for Paranormal Cumbria I sought out a group of ‘fairy houses’ that have mysteriously appeared near Gelt Wood in East Cumbria.


The ceramic dwellings first appeared among the boles and tree roots in the summer of 2009, only to vanish in September – as the fairies explained when they emailed the local paper, it was just getting too cold for them.


The fairies have returned each subsequent summer, and in 2011 there were more than ever, with around 20 or so houses scattered over a two-mile area.



Several of the houses have evidence of their inhabitants’ lives, such as tiny wellington boots, wheelbarrows, letter-boxes, and rope ladders to reach front doors set high up in a drystone wall. One house close to the river even has a canoe.

This year, several people have left gifts for the fairies, in the shape of cards, letters, hand-made textiles, and chocolates.




The beautifully-fashioned dwellings and accessories are utterly enchanting, and seeking them out was a delightful task. Whoever made them deserves a big thank you for bringing wonder into our lives.

Paranormal Cumbria will be published in 2012 and has a full history of fairy sightings in the county, including a plethora of twentieth-century reports of nature spirits, devas, gnomes and other denizens of the fairy otherworld.