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In which the Author turns up in the Daily Mail and the Perthshire Advertiser…


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On 19 February features on my new book Poltergeist over Scotland appeared in both the Scottish Daily Mail and the Perthshire Advertiser, the former written by Jim McBeth and the latter by Paul Cargill. Copies of the articles can be seen here.

There are also positive reviews of the book on both the Magonia Blog and Review of Books, by Peter Rogerson  ) and by Brother Truth on The Conspiracy Review.

And a reminder that at 7pm on Wednesday 27th February I’m giving a talk entitled ‘Sex, Lies and Poltergeists’ at Waterstones Bookshop, Argyle Street, Glasgow. Entry is free and I’ll be signing books afterwards.

Poltergeists: they walk among us.




In which the Author guests on the Spooky Southcoast radio show…


spooklogowpThis coming weekend I’m the invited guest on Christopher Balzano’s splendid Spooky Southcoast radio show, operating out of Massachusetts. The topic of discussion: poltergeists, with reference to my forthcoming books Poltergeist over Scotland and What is a Poltergeist? – Understanding Poltergeist Activity.


Depending on your time zone, the show will air at 10.30pm (Eastern Standard Time in the USA) on Saturday 9th February or 3.30am (GMT UK time) on Sunday 10th. It will also be available for later digital consultation. Go to www.spookysouthcoast.com to find out more.







In which the Author publishes an ebook on poltergeists…


At long last What is a Poltergeist? Understanding Poltergeist Activity has materialised, if indeed an ebook can be said to have a material presence. To quote from the official blurb:

A new ebook introduction to poltergeists examining the theories and presenting the latest research evidence for poltergeist activity. This book explores possible answers to the question ‘what is a poltergeist’?

What is a poltergeist? Are they the restless souls of the dead? Demons? Witches’ familiars? Household spirits? Mysterious earth energies? Unknown powers of the mind? Or hoaxes? This ebook takes the well-known poltergeist phenomena – the movement of objects by invisible forces, the noises, the eruptions of fire, water and electrical disturbance – and maps them against changing ideas and beliefs. The author presents the latest theories and research evidence in his search for answers.


Here’s the chapter headings:

What is a Poltergeist


Chapter 1                  Poltergeists are… Demons

Chapter 2                  Poltergeists are… Witchcraft

Chapter 3                  Poltergeists are… Ghosts

Chapter 4                  Poltergeists are… Fairies

Chapter 5                  Poltergeists are… Vampires

Chapter 6                  Poltergeists are… Powers  of the Human Mind

Chapter 7                  Poltergeists are… Thoughtforms

Chapter 8                  Poltergeists are… Hoaxes

Chapter 9                  Poltergeists are… Forces of Nature

Chapter 10                A Conclusion of Sorts


The cases are principally drawn from the USA, Canada, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia and Japan, with others taken from Africa, Eastern Europe, Indonesia, South America and Iraq. Yes, the poltergeist is a citizen of the world.

The prolix author waxes enthusiastic on the topic of poltergeists on this very website here and also on something called YouTube.

What is a Poltergeist? Understanding Poltergeist Activity is published by David & Charles/FW Media International and is available on Amazon(UK) and Amazon(US) for Kindle, Kobo, Feedbooks, Lybrary.com, and other cyberspace vendors, and shouldn’t set you back more than five dollars.




In which the Author sees another book swim into view…


My next book, Poltergeist over Scotland, will be published at the end of January. It is the first-ever survey of Scottish poltergeists, with 134 cases stretching from 1635 to 2012. Illustrated with images and distribution maps, and with cases in Shetland, Orkney, the Western Isles and the Highlands, as well as all the Lowland counties and the major cities, this should be the definitive work on the topic of Scottish polts.

New research throws light on a number of well-known episodes, from the Edinburgh ‘Egyptian curse’ poltergeist to the Trinity case that famously ended up with one of the participants suing the other in court. In addition, many cases have been rescued from dusty obscurity, while others have either not seen the light of publication for centuries, or are previously unpublished.

You can order Poltergeist over Scotland here.

Meanwhile, a series of interviews with the humble author on the subject of poltergeists can be found on this very website here and also on YouTube.

Hallelujah, it’s raining polts.




In which the Author talks poltergeists on the Paranormal Podcast…


The estimable Jim Harold, host of that splendid internet radio institution known as the Paranormal Podcast, has just upped a 30-minute interview with the humble author, Jim’s first post of the New Year. Poltergeists are discussed in detail, with reference to areas such as ‘polts are demons’, ‘polts are ghosts’, ‘polts are vampires’ and such like. Yes, it’s gone polt-shaped around here.

See http://jimharold.com/the-paranormal-podcast/what-is-a-poltergeist-with-geoff-holder-paranormal-podcast-267/








In which the Author heads off for Haddo House and the Unsolved Festival…


A quick reminder that on Saturday 20th October I’m appearing at ‘Unsolved’, Aberdeenshire’s Crime & Mystery Festival, which is taking place at the stately home of Haddo House near Methlick. Amidst the murders and crime writing, the films, and CSI tours of the house and gardens, at 4pm you can find me in the grand library (sadly without Colonel Mustard and a candlestick) talking about ‘Sex, Lies and Poltergeists’.


Aberdeenshire has the second oldest poltergeist case in Scotland, and I’ll be giving details of episodes from the 17th century to the present day, drawn from Haunted Aberdeen, The Guide to Mysterious Aberdeen, The Guide to Mysterious Aberdeenshire (all for sale on the day) and the forthcoming Poltergeist Over Scotland. Expect rains of stones, inundations, apports, wall-shaking noises, flying furniture and other inexplicable terrors, plus a fair dose of poltergeist hoaxing and fraud, as well as sexual shenanigans.


Tickets are £6 (£4 for concessions) and can be secured via the National Trust for Scotland website www.nts.org.uk/unsolved, or by phoning 0844 4932179. #


Programme for the weekend – Unsolvedleaflet2012