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In which the Author guests on the Spooky Southcoast radio show again…

On Saturday 29 June I’m once more the guest of the radio show Spooky Southcoast, hosted by those indefatigable cataloguers of the curious, Chris Balzano and Matt Weisberg.

I’ll be talking poltergeists – specifically the cases and issues raised in Poltergeist Over Scotland and What Is A Poltergeist?


The show is broadcast live between 10pm and midnight Eastern Standard Time in the USA, or very early in the morning if you’re in the UK. The show is then available as a downloadable podcast at http://spookysouthcoast.com.


Spooky Southcoast is one of the world’s top-rated paranormal radio shows, having been downloaded more than two million times since 2006.


In which the Author guests on the Spooky Southcoast radio show…


spooklogowpThis coming weekend I’m the invited guest on Christopher Balzano’s splendid Spooky Southcoast radio show, operating out of Massachusetts. The topic of discussion: poltergeists, with reference to my forthcoming books Poltergeist over Scotland and What is a Poltergeist? – Understanding Poltergeist Activity.


Depending on your time zone, the show will air at 10.30pm (Eastern Standard Time in the USA) on Saturday 9th February or 3.30am (GMT UK time) on Sunday 10th. It will also be available for later digital consultation. Go to www.spookysouthcoast.com to find out more.