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In which the Author is reviewed by Mostly Ghostly…


Kathleen Cronie of Mostly Ghostly Investigations (www.mostlyghostly.org) has just penned a very kind review of Poltergeist over Scotland in the May 2013 edition of Dumfries & Galloway Life. Here’s an extract:

“The level of research and dedication to his subject is apparent on every page of Geoff’s fascinating book: a great tool for those with a passing interest as well as more serious paranormal researchers. Geoff writes with a unique and entertaining style, providing lots of helpful nuggets for the paranormal enthusiast, such as source materials and where possible, the historical or cultural context of each case. Poltergeists are clearly one of the most challenging spirit types to define, but Geoff has given a valuable insight into the subject and the numerous behaviours associated with these mystifying entities.”



In which the Author turns up in the Daily Mail and the Perthshire Advertiser…


PA polt feature small 19122013

On 19 February features on my new book Poltergeist over Scotland appeared in both the Scottish Daily Mail and the Perthshire Advertiser, the former written by Jim McBeth and the latter by Paul Cargill. Copies of the articles can be seen here.

There are also positive reviews of the book on both the Magonia Blog and Review of Books, by Peter Rogerson  ) and by Brother Truth on The Conspiracy Review.

And a reminder that at 7pm on Wednesday 27th February I’m giving a talk entitled ‘Sex, Lies and Poltergeists’ at Waterstones Bookshop, Argyle Street, Glasgow. Entry is free and I’ll be signing books afterwards.

Poltergeists: they walk among us.




In which the Author talks poltergeists at the Ghost Club…


Poltergeist Over ScotlandThis weekend I’m honoured to be the repeat guest at the Scottish branch of the estimable Ghost Club, at The Tron Theatre, 63 Trongate, Glasgow G1 5HB. The event kicks off at 1pm on Saturday 16th.


Here’s the official invite:


On Saturday 16 February 2013, Ghost Club Member, Geoff Holder will be presenting his talk on “Poltergeist Over Scotland”.  The first ever history of Scottish poltergeist cases – an astonishing array from the 17th century to the modern day. 

Poltergeist activity, with its noises, flying objects, floods and fires, has baffled investigators for centuries. Geoff Holder’s new book Poltergeist over Scotland is the first ever history of Scottish poltergeists, with 134 cases covering almost 400 years of alleged supernatural events. Witches, demons, ghosts and hoaxers populate a canvas of commonsense-defying mysteries that stretches from the year 1635 to the present day. Geoff Holder is also the author of the recently-published What Is a Poltergeist? – Understanding Poltergeist Activity, in which he explores in detail the nine principal theories that have been advanced to explain poltergeists.


Geoff is the author of 25 books on the paranormal and peculiar. His talk ‘Sex, Lies and Poltergeists’ was a hit at The National Trust for Scotland’s ‘Unsolved’ Crime and Mystery Festival in 2012. Join Geoff for an energetic illustrated canter through a bevy of poltergeist cases from the Glasgow area and beyond. Expect scenes of destruction, chaos and pointless violence from the very beginning.


For this event we have to charge an entry price of £10.00, this includes a buffet provided by the Tron Theatre.

This talk is being presented for Ghost Club members and friends and if you would like to attend please email Derek Green, Investigations Officer at investigations@ghostclub.org.uk
The Tron Theatre bar will be open for this event so please come along to support Geoff and enjoy a drink in excellent company.

Please bring your friends along for an excellent afternoon.




In which the author talks poltergeists at the Edinburgh Fortean Society…


cbkOn Tuesday 12th February I’ll be giving an illustrated talk based on my book Poltergeist over Scotland to that distinguished body of men and women, the Edinburgh Fortean Society. The venue is The Counting House38 West Nicolson Street, EH8 9DD.  The event kicks off at 7.30pm and everyone is welcome. Entry £1.

Poltergeist over Scotland is the first history of Scottish poltergeists, covering 400 years of Caledonian clangings, bangings, fires and fetid smells. I’ll reveal the source of the ‘Cursed Egyptian Bone’ case of 1930s Edinburgh, elucidate the outcome of the Trinity Poltergeist legal case, and identify the earliest poltergeist in Scotland… which was in Edinburgh.

Expect destruction, chaos and scenes of pointless violence from the very beginning.




In which the Author sees another book swim into view…


My next book, Poltergeist over Scotland, will be published at the end of January. It is the first-ever survey of Scottish poltergeists, with 134 cases stretching from 1635 to 2012. Illustrated with images and distribution maps, and with cases in Shetland, Orkney, the Western Isles and the Highlands, as well as all the Lowland counties and the major cities, this should be the definitive work on the topic of Scottish polts.

New research throws light on a number of well-known episodes, from the Edinburgh ‘Egyptian curse’ poltergeist to the Trinity case that famously ended up with one of the participants suing the other in court. In addition, many cases have been rescued from dusty obscurity, while others have either not seen the light of publication for centuries, or are previously unpublished.

You can order Poltergeist over Scotland here.

Meanwhile, a series of interviews with the humble author on the subject of poltergeists can be found on this very website here and also on YouTube.

Hallelujah, it’s raining polts.




In which the Author talks about poltergeists on YouTube…


To mark the fact that I’ve got two books on poltergeists coming out, a series of interviews with the humble if prolix author have been posted on that there YouTube.

The interviews concentrate on both the ebook What is a Poltergeist? – Understanding Poltergeist Activity and the conventional book Poltergeist Over Scotland. For the former, which will be available for download soon, I discuss the nine different theories/beliefs that have been put forward over the centuries to explain poltergeists:

  1. Demons
  2. Witchcraft
  3. Ghosts
  4. Fairies
  5. Vampires
  6. Psychokinesis (powers of the mind)
  7. Tulpas (thoughtforms)
  8. Hoaxes
  9. Natural forces (electromagnetism, geomagnetism, earth movements etc.)

These are illustrated with cases from throughout the world, including America, Europe and Asia.

When discussing Poltergeist over Scotland I talk about some of the 134 cases I’ve uncovered over the past 400 years. This is the first ever history of Scottish poltergeists.

The interview clips are being released in 16 parts over the next week or so, both on this website here and on YouTube. Collect the set!