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In which the Author is reviewed by Mostly Ghostly…


Kathleen Cronie of Mostly Ghostly Investigations (www.mostlyghostly.org) has just penned a very kind review of Poltergeist over Scotland in the May 2013 edition of Dumfries & Galloway Life. Here’s an extract:

“The level of research and dedication to his subject is apparent on every page of Geoff’s fascinating book: a great tool for those with a passing interest as well as more serious paranormal researchers. Geoff writes with a unique and entertaining style, providing lots of helpful nuggets for the paranormal enthusiast, such as source materials and where possible, the historical or cultural context of each case. Poltergeists are clearly one of the most challenging spirit types to define, but Geoff has given a valuable insight into the subject and the numerous behaviours associated with these mystifying entities.”