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In which PATCHWORK SOLDIERS makes the WeScreenplay semi-finals…

Lurching with joy at the news that my zombie horror PATCHWORK SOLDIERS is a semi-finalist in the WeScreenplay Diverse Voices Competition.

Congratulations to all those who made the list:


In which the Author has some Zombies reviewed on The Spooky Isles…

There’s a genial review of my book ‘Zombies From History’ on The Spooky Isles site. “Holder’s humour and writing style is very engaging,” apparently. The book serves as “an excellent and entertaining introduction to famous

historical figures” as “he hammers home facts which you may not forget in a hurry.” Oh, and “The illustrations are also rather amusing and really well done.”

And the reviewer, a former sociology student, appreciated the joke about a resurrected Karl Marx leading the

Living Dead faction of the anti-capitalism movement with the slogan “Zombies of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your brains”.

zombies cover

The full review is here. And ‘Zombies from History: A Hunter’s Guide’, the definitive work on what do do when the

historic dead return during the zombie apocalypse, can be purchased on that there Amazon for ready money here.

spooky isles

My thanks to MJ Steel Collins.

In which the Author is interviewed on The Spooky Isles…


That splendid website The Spooky Isles is currently carrying an interview with the humble author, conducted by MJ Steel Collins. Amidst the waffling, poltergeists, vampires, dinosaurs and the Maggie

Wall Witchcraft Monument all get a look-in, as do H.P. Lovecraft, Aleister Crowley and the late great John Peel.


Have a gander here:

In which the Author talks poltergeists on Into the Dark Radio…


There is a podcast.

It is on Into the Dark Radio,

It is about poltergeists. Some of them from Scotland.

There is also wittering about poltergeists from the USA, Canada, France and other locations.

Vampires, demons, witches, fairies, thoughtforms and psychokinesis get a look-in.

Occasionally, jokes are made. One or two of them may even pass for being funny.

Into the Dark Radio is based in Ohio, yet can be heard and downloaded across the known world thanks to the miracle of the thing that all the cool kids are calling ‘the internet’.


Ta to Steve Rogers and Shawn McMahon for allowing me to maunder on. Follow them on that there Twitter, @IntoTheDrkRadio.



In which the Author is reviewed rather well by the Society for Psychical Research…


The estimable Tom Ruffles of the Society for Psychical Research has just posted a fine review of Poltergeist over Scotland on the SPR’s website. You can find it here or in the reviews section of this very website. Here’s a taste:

“It seems odd that nobody had thought of the idea before, but surprisingly Geoff Holder is the first person to compile a history of Scottish poltergeists…. This is an excellent package relevant to anybody interested in poltergeists, not only those which occurred in Scotland.  Holder employs his trademark humour and takes an open-minded, sympathetic, but critical view of the phenomena he describes, making this a useful, and long overdue, collection.

My thanks to Tom and the SPR for permission to reproduce the review.