Interviews and Other Audio

Below you will find some great audio content exclusively available through official Geoff Holder sources. You’ll find great in depth interviews with Geoff and an array of international radio shows, along with a very rare excerpt from an audience Q + A session after a talk given by Geoff in Glasgow.


Radio Appearances and Miscellaneous Audio


Behind the Paranormal Interview: A lengthy interview with Paul and Ben Eno of Behind the Paranormal. They quiz Geoff on the ins and outs of Fortean Scotland and the British Isles.




The Paranormal Podcast Interview: Jim Harold hosts one of the internets most popular podcasts, which this week featured Geoff, talking on an array of subjects




Radio West Fife Interview: A very interesting if somewhat brief interview with Radio West Fife. Geoff talks about his time as a student, and what the future holds, not to be missed.




Starclear Radio Appearance: Interview with Starclear Radio, part of the Para X network. Host Jeffrey Seelman quizzes Geoff on Vampires, Cannibals, Fairies and Nessie, for the North American audience.





Red Shift Radio Appearance


Part 1: An interview with Red Shift Radio and host Tim Prevett, expect Vampires galore!



Part 2:





British Society of Dowsers Interview: A rare flashback to 2009 in a radio interview with the British Society of Dowsers





Talk and Q + A in Glasgow for the release of “The Guide to Mysterious Glasgow”: A recording of an event from 2009 where Geoff gives a talk on “The Guide to Mysterious Glasgow”, in Scotland’s largest city. The event turns into a Q + A with audience members telling a few stories of their own.




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