Proofreading & Copy-Editing

• Proofreading and copy-editing screenplays and other works (synopses, loglines etc.).

• Clients in the USA, UK, India, France, Switzerland, Sweden and Hungary.

• Screenplays edited using FinalDraft 10 (preferred), FD9 or, at a pinch, CeltX. Can also take editable pdfs.

• Books edited as well –

“Geoff was able to view my writing from a totally different perspective and offer opinions that I may have not thought of, which for me was often beyond the call of duty as I had basically asked him to proofread the writing. I would recommend him to anyone, across any subject.” Ed Hodge, Author of Jewel in the Glen: Gleneagles, Golf and The Ryder Cup

Living in a Francophone country? See my other site for proofing works in English that have been translated from French.


The basic rate for proofreading properly-formatted scripts (i.e. ones that have been written with pukka screenwriting software) is €1.50 per page.

The basic rate for copy-editing properly-formatted scripts is €2.00 per page.

For queries, rates for books and general availability, please use the contact form.