The Guide to Mysterious Arran Reviews


The Guide to Mysterious Arran (Paranormal Magazine)

One of the most accessible and beautiful islands off the west coast of Scotland, it is no surprise to discover that Arran is also one of the most enigmatic. This guide to a mysterious corner of Scotland is a much more satisfying production than Milne’s: packed with photographs and boasting a handy bibliography and useful index. It is one of an ongoing series by Tempus.


Holder has done a superb job of plumbing the depths of Arran’s mysteries. He divides the island into sections and presents for each a dense body of detailed accounts of antiquities, legends, folklore, paranormal phenomena – and the just plain quirky.


The quality of his research is outstanding and his enthusiasm for his varied subjects shines out on every page, whether he’s discussing a stone circle, a fairy legend, an old shipwreck or a headless ghost.


On many occasions over the years, I have considered visiting Arran – now I feel I must.