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In which the Author appears on Into the Dark Radio (again) to talk zombies…

Those estimable gentlemen Steve Rogers and Shawn McMahon recently allowed me to blether on about Zombies from History: A Hunter’s Guide on their podcast-tastic Into the Dark Radio show. We talked anti-zombie weapons, where best to ride out the forthcoming zombie apocalypse, how the zombie of Charles Darwin would probably be writing Great Exhumations and David Potter’s Field, and other fun stuff, not least the exploding corpse of William

the Conqueror.

(It’s great being an author of the strange and peculiar: you can write “the exploding corpse of William the

Conqueror” as if it’s the most normal sentence in the world.)

You can listen to the podcast via iTunes or Stitcher, or go to Into the Dark Radio itself.

into the dark zombies

In which the Author has a new book published (this one’s on zombies)…

Zombies from History: A Hunter’s Guide has just been published by the History Press. 

Here’s the back cover blurb:

Are you worried about the zombie apocalypse? Kept awake each night imagining you’ll only manage to take out a

few before that chap at No. 9 gets you? Well, fret no more! Clasp a copy of this book and get a better class of

horrible death from one of Britain’s best-loved historical legends. With full zombie-hunting details – including the

locations of tombs, any wounds and weaknesses, and a carefully calculated difficulty level – no apocalyptic history

lover should leave home without it!

FULL DETAILS of where to find –and how to kill – all of Britain’s most historic zombies.

FACT FILES on the undead in history, including ROMAN REVENANTS, people who were BURIED ALIVE and some RESURRECTED ROYAL CORPSES!


And here a few zombies for your delecatation… Oliver Cromwell, Charles Darwin and St Patrick respectively:

happy hunting….

oliver cromwellZombies-52 USEZombies-2 USE alt

In which the Author leaves some rotting tuna out for a zombie cat…

The world clearly needs more zombie cats. To further this laudable aim, we present the zombie of Hodge, Dr

Johnson’s favourite cat.zombie cat

Samuel Johnson is probably the second most quoted person in the English language, after Shakespeare. His A

Dictionary of the English Language made him one of the major celebrities of Georgian London. A Life of Samuel

Johnson, the biography written by his friend James Boswell, cemented his status as one of the most mordantly

incisive – and quotable – thinkers of his age. Having been often bitten by poverty himself, Johnson was frequently

kind to those less well-off than himself. He was also – very unusually for his time – affectionately disposed towards


A statue of Hodge, his favourite cat, stands outside his house at 17 Gough Square in London. The idea of a zombie Johnson, surrounded by a legion of re-animated moggies, is an appealing one.

As with other zombies in this series, the zombie of Hodge comes from the forthcoming book Zombies from History: A Hunter’s Guide

zombies cover

In which the Author himself becomes a zombie…

The talented folks at The History Press have been busy zombifying images of the good, the bad and the ugly from British history for my forthcoming book Zombies from History: A Hunter’s Guide. Some of these gruesome images have already been shared in previous posts on this very blog.

And now it is the turn of the humble author himself. Here’s my zombie portrait as it appears on the inside cover of

the book. To me, it seems a distinct improvement on the original…


Here's the original

And here’s the original…



In which the Author greets the zombie of Oliver Cromwell…

Oliver Cromwell’s body has already had two lives. firstly as Lord Protector after the English Civil War, and secondly two years after his death, when the corpse was dug up and ‘executed’ a second time, in punishment for the

beheading of Charles I. And now, with the imminent onset of the zombie apocalypse, he’s back for a third go,

possibly aided by thousands of Puritan zombie soldiers.

Oliver’s Army are on their way…

As with others in the series (collect the set!) Olly comes from the forthcoming

Zombies from History: A Hunter’s Guide

oliver cromwell

In which the Author is honoured to meet the zombie of St Patrick…

Today’s selection from the forthcoming Zombies from History: A Hunter’s Guide is St Patrick, the patron saint of


The whereabouts of St Patrick‘s final resting place are disputed. However, as he supposedly banished snakes from Ireland, you could perhaps locate the holy herpetophobe by taking along a reptile or two.

As Indiana Jones said, “Snakes. Why does it have to be snakes?”

Zombies-2 USE alt