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In which the Author talks poltergeists on the Paranormal Podcast…


The estimable Jim Harold, host of that splendid internet radio institution known as the Paranormal Podcast, has just upped a 30-minute interview with the humble author, Jim’s first post of the New Year. Poltergeists are discussed in detail, with reference to areas such as ‘polts are demons’, ‘polts are ghosts’, ‘polts are vampires’ and such like. Yes, it’s gone polt-shaped around here.

See http://jimharold.com/the-paranormal-podcast/what-is-a-poltergeist-with-geoff-holder-paranormal-podcast-267/








In which the Author appears on stv.tv…


This week there’s a long piece on The Bloody History of Scotland: Edinburgh on STV’s online magazine.


Poisoning, murderous madams and ghastly torture and punishment all feature, adding greatly to the gaiety of nations. Don’t forget I’m giving an illustrated talk based on the book at Blackwell’s Bookshop on South Bridge on 6th November.


In which the author appears on the wireless again…


On Wednesday 20 June I was interviewed on Dundee radio station Wave 102FM about Haunted St Andrews, which will be published on 29 June. The White Lady and the mummies of the Haunted Tower got an airing, which is nice, along with several other posh ghosts.


More events (book signings and talks) and media appearances (newspaper features) are on their way soon regarding Haunted St Andrews, so keep a weather eye out.


In which the author is interviewed on bookreel.tv…


The nice people at bookreel.tv have just published an interview with the humble author, which can be found in all its rambling glory at






During the interview I manage to mention Dracula, dogs, dinosaurs, zombies, plague, J.G. Ballard, poltergeists, graphic novels, bodysnatching, music and H.P. Lovecraft. So all the usual suspects are present and correct, then.


In which the author guests on Lakeland Radio…


On Tuesday 10th April I’m the guest on the Dan Beale show on Lakeland Radio, the commercial radio station for South Lakeland. I’ll be wittering on about Paranormal Cumbria, Bownessie, and the Victorian mystery of how Lady Mabel Howard located some stolen jewellery using the divination technique known as automatic writing. And there’s a competition to win free copies of Paranormal Cumbria.


Lakeland Radio is at 101.1 and 101.8FM. The interview goes out at 11.10am and can be listened to again for a week or so via http://lakelandradio.co.uk/presenter/dan-beale/.


In which the author appears on the ‘Paranormal Podcast’ again…



That gentleman and scholar Jim Harold has just posted another slice of his inestimable internet supernaturalia, ‘The Paranormal Podcast’, this one featuring my second appearance on the American show. Jim and I discuss the meaning and reality (or otherwise) of hauntings, with reference to poltergeists, apparitions, doppelgangers, fetches, and the dubious genre of ‘haunted telly’. Somehow we also managed to shoehorn in time slips (ghosts-as-time-travellers), the ‘survival hypothesis’ (ghosts-as-conscious-spirits), the ‘stone tape’ notion (ghosts-as-recordings) – oh, and some knickers. It was great fun.


The show ‘What are Hauntings?’ can be downloaded for free from here!