In which the author announces the release of his new book ‘Paranormal Glasgow’

‘Paranormal Glasgow‘ is published this week (June 20th) by the fine people at The History Press


Here’s a chapter breakdown, which should give you an indication of what it2’s all about:

  • Chapter 1 Spectres, Psychics and Spooky Events
  • Chapter 2 Big Cats and Other Strange Animals
  • Chapter 3 The Weird Human Body: Miraculous Fasts, Stigmata and Spontaneous Human Combustion
  • Chapter 4 Witchcraft in Glasgow Part 1: A Hundred Years of Witch-Hunting
  • Chapter 5 Witchcraft in Glasgow Part 2: The Witches of Pollok, and The Possessed Children of Bargarran and Govan
  • Chapter 6 Hunting The Vampire With Iron Teeth
  • Chapter 7 Bizarre Beliefs, Strange Superstitions and Magical Thinking


Among the other topics covered you can find precognition, crisis visitations, emissaries from Hell, ghosts, the Knights Templar, hoaxes, and anomalous racoons.

The book is a partner to my earlier works Paranormal Dundee and Paranormal Perthshire. For a photo gallery of Paranormal Glasgow and others, go here, or to see the sneak preview trailer visit the video page here!

Paranormal Glasgow is available from Waterstones and other bookshops, as well as Amazon and directly from The History Press.

For details of the upcoming book launch in Glasgow, please see the Events page.