…In which the author noses about looking for ghosts

Do You Have A Ghost Story in Dundee or St Andrews?


I am currently writing a book entitled Haunted Dundee. This is a follow-up to Paranormal Dundee and a partner to Haunted Aberdeen, both of which came out in 2010. Later this year I’ll also be working on Haunted St Andrews & District.


So, if you have a personal experience or a family tradition of an alleged ghostly encounter in the Dundee or St Andrews area, I would be interested to hear from you. Just go to the contact form.


I am interested in the full range of phenomena:
Poltergeist activity
Crisis visitations
Anomalous sounds and smells
And any other related incidents, including known hoaxes

Please include all relevant details – what was experienced, when, where, and by whom, plus a way to get in touch.


Not every story can be used for the book, so the more confirmatory details there are, the more likely the story will be considered for inclusion. Vague mails that read something like ‘I saw a goste it was dead scary and real, honest’ will almost certainly not be of interest. Correspondents can be anonymous in the book if they wish. I will not pass your details on to any other person or organisation.


Haunted Dundee will be out in winter 2011, while Haunted St Andrews & District will be published early in 2012.


I look forward to hearing about your experiences, and thank you in advance. Input your ghost story here!.